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About Us

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Mary O. is fast becoming the BEST AND MOST SOUGHT-AFTER senior portrait photographer in Central Texas! Why? She has traveled and photographed seniors and teens from all over the world, capturing their passions with photography. The images she has captured of young people have been nationally published and a selection of her history-making images has even been included in the Smithsonian!

So why does Mary O. photograph seniors? A senior is only a senior once. You get this is the ONE CHANCE to get it right. Senior portraits are such a HUGE part of your senior year and she wants to make this experience amazing for you! These moments need to be taken seriously. This is not the time to do it yourself or someone who takes “ok” pictures to take your pictures. NOW is the time to invest in these once in a lifetime special memories.


Mary O. takes her work with seniors and young people very seriously. Revolutionizing what the photography industry thinks a “Rep” or “Model” program should be. She crafted her senior portrait experience and Model Team into a program designed to instill unshakable CONFIDENCE in her clients and help them realize how beautiful they really are. Through her mentorship and gorgeous images, young people get a huge boost of self-esteem right when they need it most!

She gives you an experience that other photographers can’t and her attention to detail means you are not just getting senior pictures… but also guidance to make sure that this experience is stress-free and fun! From consultation to, wardrobe planning and unique locations, to the installation of portraits in your home, you are going to love your experience.

She cannot wait to photograph for you!


My experience with Mary O. was so much more than just a typical senior photoshoot - their team made me feel so comfortable and beautiful!
My experience with Mary O. was so much more than just a typical senior photoshoot - their team made me feel so comfortable and beautiful!
about the team
Sarah Marie Jackson

Mary Oakes

Owner, Lead Photographer

I was born and raised in a military family. While I have lived in a lot of places, San Antonio will always be home. My photography journey began as a teenager traveling Europe with a camera in my pocket. It wasn’t until after my grandmother passed away, leaving behind only one portrait, that I began to understand the importance of photography. It became important to me to capture every milestone as my children grew and I began learning how to create portraits. Graduated with a BA in Psychology from Schreiner University, but it was my minor in photography that embodied my passion. I spent long hours in the college darkroom and digital lab learning how to perfect my craft. In 2010, my passion became my livelihood.


I noticed early on that a severe lack of confidence embattles our youth and I set out to make a change in the world through my portrait experiences. I began to develop my first Spokesmodel Team in 2017. I wanted to help Seniors develop unshakeable confidence, realize their own beauty and self-worth, and be a visible presence serving in their community. It’s amazing what gorgeous images and a little community service can do for a young adult’s self-esteem! I love the high energy sessions, hearing about future plans, and capturing personality through images. The greatest compliment I hear from clients is that I have captured the personalities of the young people I photograph. That is always my favorite part of my job - finding out who you are and making that come alive in your portraits. I can tell you I, never “work” a day in my life. I love what I do. To be able to help support my family and have the pleasure of working with and mentoring young people is more than I ever could have wished for.


Along with being published in numerous magazines, books, and having art in the Smithsonian, I have been named the Best Photographer serving Selma, Texas in 2018 and 2019 and been featured by Senior Year Magazine. I have a SERIOUS addiction to lemon-aid, Sweetarts, French fries, and my hairdryer. I’m funny, sarcastic, compassionate, bossy, patriotic, slightly OCD, and have a servant’s heart. My best days are spent with my family sailing or somewhere I can put my toes in the sand or curl up with a good book.

LIGHT CHASER • PHOTO TAKER • Lemonaid Enthusiast

Daniel Oakes

Office Manager & Senior IT Manager

Working in the studio since he was 12, Daniel has always been an integral part of the Mary O. team. While he prefers to stick to the office and IT work, Daniel is often on hand at group sessions or events, holding reflectors and arranging equipment and doing paperwork. Daniel is also a very capable photographer. He got his first experience with a camera as a Boy Scout working on his merit badges. The photography merit badge was his final badge just before he was awarded the prestigious rank of Eagle. Further scouting influences have helped him develop an interest in drone photography. When he is not working with Mary O. he is furthering his education at the University of Texas at San Antonio or sailing his 20ft Balboa Sailboat, Kinyan Wanbli.

batman obsessed • dog lover • Scouting expert

Nova & McKenna

Assistants in Mischief

Woof! Woof, woof, arrf! Woof woof woof woof. Arrrrrrf arrf. OWOOO WOOF!

Ball chasers • photo assistants • Bone fanatics

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