About Mary O.

In a day and age where anyone with a cellphone thinks they are a photographer, professional photographers must stand out as artists, visionaries, and professionals.

What Makes Us Different?

At Mary O. Photography & Design, I go beyond just taking pictures; I tell stories through my images. Each scene is carefully selected, wardrobe chosen, and light manipulated to give an image that pulls at the heart invoking memories and warm emotions of the moment.

Not everyone can do that. It takes time, study, and training to be able craft an image as an artist. We also take our dedication beyond the capture of the image through the production process to the finished piece of art. Mary O. signature art is our lasting legacy from our family to yours.

A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people. Annie Leibovitz

Mary Oakes is one of just a fraction of photographers that has pursued credentials as a Certified Professional Photographer and as a Craftsman. She is a teacher at heart, mentoring as many as 20 photographers in her mentorship program and groups, as well as, growing new photographers. She  has kept her program small enabling her devote attention to each  student.

She hold memberships in Professional Photographers of America, Texas Professional Photographer’s Association, and Professional Photography Guild of San Antonio.

Her work has been selected for several group shows, and she has held two solo shows. Mary Oakes has been published in magazines and is preparing to write her second book.