"In a day and age where anyone with a cellphone thinks they are a photographer,
professional photographers must stand out as artists, visionaries, and professionals."

-William Branson III

What Makes Us Different?

At Mary O. Photography & Design, I go beyond just taking pictures; I tell stories through my images. Each scene is carefully selected, wardrobe chosen, and light manipulated to give an image that pulls at the heart invoking memories and warm emotions of the moment.

Not everyone can do that. It takes time, study, and training to be able craft an image as an artist. We also take our dedication beyond the capture of the image through the production process to the finished piece of art. Mary O. signature art is our lasting legacy from our family to yours.


First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! Whether you’re having a baby or it’s your senior year, it is so exciting! This is YOUR year!


You will make so many memories this year, and I am so excited that you are considering Mary O. Photography & Design to help you make some of those memories last a lifetime!

Mary O.  is fast becoming the BEST AND MOST SOUGHT-AFTER portrait photographer in Central Texas! I want you to know a little bit about me and who I am as a person and a portrait artist.

My journey into photography began as a teenager as I traveled Europe with my very first camera in my pocket. I did not yet understand my lack of skill or the value of those first images. It wasn’t until after my grandmother passed away, leaving behind only one portrait, that I began to understand the importance of photography. When I began having my own children in 1998, I received a shower gift: my very first SLR (back in the days of film). There would be lots of pictures of my children and in time those horrible first portraits eventually evolved into something worth framing.

While, like many people, I went to college and graduated with a degree, it was my minor that embodied my passion. My heart dug deep in the darkroom studying the science behind getting images perfect.  In 2010, my passion became my livelihood and my life. I am deeply inspired by creating heirloom photography and cultivating memories passed down for generations.

Over time, I noticed that a severe lack of confidence embattles our youth and I set out to make a change in the world through my portrait experiences. I began to develop my first Spokesmodel Team in 2017 to help Seniors develop unshakeable confidence, realize their own beauty and self-worth and be a visible presence serving in their community. It’s amazing what gorgeous images and a little community service can do for a young adult’s self-esteem!

So, why both Senior and Newborn photography? These moments are fleeting. This is the ONE CHANCE to get it right. You can have family portraits taken every year, sibling pictures, etc. But a senior is a senior and a baby is only this new once. You can’t ever go back to that year once it’s over. Once it’s done, it’s done. These moments need to be taken seriously. This is not the time to do it yourself, or have someone who just bought a fancy camera, or someone who takes “ok” pictures to take your child’s pictures. NOW is the time to invest in memories… they’re not a child forever and, as soon as, the moment passes, you may find yourself wishing you could go back. This is the time to have a professional photographer capture your child as they are and freeze that moment forever… and captured by someone skilled in artistry.

This is YOUR time to celebrate youth, free spirit and love for life.

I cannot wait to photograph it for you!





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Selma, Texas 78154