Clogs On My Feet

Instead of worrying about enjoying your summer with uncomfortable heels start transitioning to clogs. Not only are they comfortable but easily versatile where you’re able to dress them up or down for any occasion. So, the real question is, what can I wear them with?

The answer is literally anything. Dress, skirts or jeans, clogs are perfect for any wardrobe. The thick platform heel gives them a relaxed, natural vibe. If you’re wanting a hipper look you can even pair them with socks. There thick heel also provides support and gives you the comfortability to move around and enjoy your outfit.

Clogs are paired perfectly with flared or bell bottom jeans.

If you’re wanting a more sexier look for your wardrobe, clog heels are the way to go without a doubt. If you’re looking for more comfortable shoe ware with less heel they have normal clogs that are a thicker, shorter heel.

Clogs have became a huge trend and are easy to find on most websites. Nordstrom carries tons of options if you’re interested in purchasing yourself a pair.