Exploring Your New Home

So you’re finally a college student, after months of making decisions you’re finally going to be moving into housing in a new city. Even though you’ve already toured the campus you don’t know where the nearest grocery store is, or how to even get to the grocery store without a car? Oh, and what about gas stations when you run out of gas? Being confused in a newer city can be stressful, but if you prepare beforehand, some stress can be taken off your shoulders and make exploring your new home a breeze.

Learn The Transportation
The most important step is knowing how to get around, if you don’t have a way of transportation then you’re kinda stuck. Either you can ask other students how they get around or you can google it, duh! Learning bus routes, or taxi hours and getting familiar with ride sharing apps like Uber, is the first step to adapting to your new environment.

Find The Closest Convenience or Grocery Stores
Whenever you run out of daily necessities you’re gonna need to find a place that carries those items. Knowing how close a grocery store is can help you manage if you need to go grocery shopping or buy more toilet paper.

Locate Medical Offices
It may seem like much, but knowing where the closest immediate care is can be helpful in case of emergencies or sudden sickness. Rather be safe than sorry. Don’t for get to check and see if your campus offers a clinic. You may find the campus doc is super convenient.

Let’s Get Crazy
Ok, time for the fun part. Now that you’ve got all the grown up locations out of the way, you can find things to do on the weekends whether its a beach, or certain location downtown. Once you’ve found the hot spot on the weekends, make sure to find safe routes of transportation there and back.

College can be nerve-racking and entering a new environment can be even scarier. Make sure you are doing research on your new home before moving in, safe travels!


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