Mary O. Sessions are simply beautiful!

Hopefully this guide will help prepare you for your session and answer any questions and concerns you may have.

How To Book:

Each custom session comes with a complementary consultation. These consultations are key. They help us craft a session designed with you in mind. At your consultation we will get to know you, answer all your questions and select location based on your session design. 


The best time to photograph you’re a newborn is between day five – ten. During this time newborns tend to be sleepier and retain that fresh newborn curl which will allow me to pose them for snuggly photographs. Your newborn session is prescheduled based on 5 days after your due date. Once you have given birth, simply give me a call/email, we will select a date within the first 5-10 days. I photograph all newborns in-studio in my studio. This allows me to control light, temperature and provide the largest and safest posing bag in the industry and we can make last minute style changes from my easily accessible prop selection. 

Children & Families

Families are photographed year round In-studio and On-location. A wide variety of locations are available for choosing. I recommend planning your appointment at least a month prior to any special gifting opportunities like Christmas, birthdays or anniversary. This will allow time to edit and finish even our beautiful oil paintings in time to be gifted. I highly recommend preparing young children for the photography session by telling them about the session in advance and letting them know I will be asking them to sit and stand in special ways or places.


Seniors can be photographed In-studio but are more frequently On-location. Most senior girls tend to upgrade their session to take advantage of professional hair and make-up artistry the day of their session. My hand picked artists have extensive experience in the photography and fashion industries. Their expertise means your look won’t fall flat or melt even in our steamy Texas weather. I highly recommend that seniors book early as I fill up fast! You definitely want to get your portraits back before its time to mail out announcements!

Things to think about:

  • Do you want only pictures of your baby?
  • Are you more interested in being photographed with family members as opposed to props?
  • Is there a sport or location that is important?
  • Is there anything specific you would like to incorporate into the photo shoot?
  • Will there be any sibling shots?
  • Will both parents be there?
  • Are there any poses or images you have seen and liked? 

All of these questions will help me make the session perfect for you.

What should we wear to the photography session:

What to wear is probably the hardest decision in portrait creation. Even when we do our personal sessions, our closets are a disaster finding the perfect combinations. We have put together a list of tips and things to bring for different sessions. I hope it helps! When in doubt, shoot us an email,

  • White is ok, but shades of colors are even more fun!! For example, everyone in shades of blue.
  • Try to avoid strong patterns. Smaller prints are ok.
  • 1 year olds: We have some outfits your welcome to use, but simple white dresses, or jeans and t-shirt never goes out of style!
  • While shoes rarely are in most of the shots, try to avoid having one person in a bright color sneaker. Brown and black shoes are great!
  • Newborn Family: Family shots look best in black or white shirts. Skin on skin pictures for family newborn sessions are also beautiful!! They are timeless images, if you would like some parent and baby shots or sibling and baby shots let me know at your pre-session consultation. Which ever way you go, everyone should pick the same color. Don’t forget change of clothes in case there are any mishaps!
  • Maternity: Bring tank tops, jeans and nude undergarments. I have a wardrobe of gowns you are welcome to use.
  • Seniors: Plan several looks from dressy to casual. Don’t forget the accessories!

This is the perfect opportunity to pamper yourself. Do your hair and make-up and spend a little time focusing on you. Or let our team handle that for you! At the end of the day, keep your style in mind. you want to feel comfortable and like yourself.  Still need help? 


For some inspiration on color combinations and accessories, visit our Pinterest! Or ask about our shopping service!

Family Style Guide          Senior Girls Style Guide           Senior Guys Style Guide


What to bring with you:

An extra change of clothes, is always a good idea. If you have introduced your baby to a pacifier please bring that with you as it helps to soothe them and helps them sleep. Walking shoes for outdoor sessions. “Incentives” for good behavior.

Props available:

I have a nice collection of props that is always available.  You are also of course more than welcome to add your own props if they are safe. Please let me know prior to the session if you want to incorporate anything so I can prepare. 


All ordering appointments are handled In-studio. We can set up an appointment generally within 1-2 weeks of your session. This will allow you to view your portraits on our specially calibrated equipment and touch, feel and see samples in a wide variety of sizes. If you have a special wall we are creating artwork for, please be sure to ask us for our wall design guide.


How long will the session take?

Your session will last about an hour. Newborn sessions have been known to last up to two to three hours. We take lots of breaks for feedings, changing and getting the baby to fall asleep.

Can I have my session on the weekend? In the evening?

Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 4PM. We understand that schedules can get pretty hectic so we have some other options. There is usually one day a week when we can do sessions and appointments later in the evening to accommodate you. Weekend appointments are available for a small additional fee, and need to be booked about a month in advance.

When do I pay?

At the time you schedule your appointment, we collect the session fee. On the day you order, we will make payment arrangements to either pay in full or start a flexible, interest free payment plan.

How much are your packages?

We have an a “Create A Collection” system so that you may create your own grouping of portraits, albums and Digital Negatives. This works great for our clients because they never go home without EVERY treasured memory. We also have an a la carte option.

How much can I expect to spend?

We have clients that spend between $275-$2000. We can work with any budget.

What’s the best time to schedule my maternity & newborn portraits?

Now this is an important question, specifically for newborn portraits. It is very important that the newborn portraits are done under 2 weeks, 1 week is even better! For maternity portraits we usually like to do those between 7 and 8 months. If you further along, don’t worry!

How about senior portraits… When should those be taken?

Senior portraits are taken year round. Senior SpokesModels are selected in the spring and summer before their Senior year begins and they have EXCLUSIVE model sessions through out the year. Clients just wanting to do senior portraits are encouraged to book in the summer for a fall on-location appointment or in the winter for a spring on-location appointment. Remember you may want more than one session if you participate in seasonal sports. My schedule fills fast for seniors. So book early!

My child has a scratch on his face, what can I do?

Don’t worry! We have all the latest retouching tools that can fix it. There’s not even a charge for it.  No charge items are things such as: blemishes, wrinkles, flaky skin. Major edits to have additional charges: Face switching, braces removal, background replacement  or severe rashes.

Can I order online?

Once you place your initial order at the studio, we can put your portraits online for reorder purposes. Its the greatest way for your friends and family to view and order their own portraits.

What is an order presentation?

After your session, we will schedule you to come back into the studio with a week. We have an amazing screen where you view your beautiful images like a movie, we even provide the popcorn! We will walk you through the ordering process; explaining our products, creating collages, or just simply sharing our expertise.

I have to reschedule, is that a problem?

Not at all, we understand with kids things come up. We just ask that you let us know as soon as possible.

When will the portraits be ready?

We will schedule an ordering presentation about a week after you take the portraits. At that time you will place your order.Once paid in full, then the portraits are ready for pickup or delivery 2 to 3 weeks. Some items such as frames, paintings and albums have different delivery times so please inquire if there is a specific item you are curious about.

For more information please check out our Newborn Session and Wedding specific FAQ’s.

Newborn FAQ            Wedding FAQ




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