A word about your Investment…

I know that price tends to be a huge factor in selecting a photographer, but quality and skill really determines how happy you will be in the long run. Every client who invests in Mary O. Photography & Design’s photographic services does so knowing that they can hire a less expensive, less experienced, less qualified or uninsured photographer. Each of our valued clients make a deliberate choice to use us based on our professional ethics, references, and proven results of client satisfaction, and of course, exceptional photography. Mary O. was voted 2018 Best of Selma as a portrait photographer. So, you know you’re getting the best, most sought-after photographer in the area when you choose Mary O. to preserve your memories.

I’m a candidate for certification as a professional photographer. I passed my exam and I am in the process of portfolio evaluation. The certification process is not something most “professional” photographers go through and sets me apart. Much like the process that doctors, lawyers and CPAs go through, this examination process is vetted by the same testing entity that conducts exams for these other highly skilled industries. The successful completion of process says leaders in my industry have confidence in me and my skill. Even if you don’t choose me, when choosing a photographer pay close attention to skill and training; look for photographers that have a CPP or are candidates with candidacy letters. You will be looking at skilled individuals.

Clients looking at pricing alone… I tend to be more expensive than the shoot and burns we see so much from in social media and less than most exclusively print photographers… I am considered to be priced in the middle, offering products for all kinds of clients. What each client spends varies greatly. I have had clients who spend in the hundreds and others spend in the thousands. It all depends on the client’s needs and wants. I offer create a collection pricing enabling my clients to go home with both beautiful custom finished works of art and digital negatives to share and print as they choose.

Remember, you have a choice in selecting the best photographer possible for your portraits or event. However, you have no choice in the consequences of selecting the wrong photographer. We are here to help you.


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