Meet the 2020 SpokesModel Team…

For our third year Mary O. has offered the MOST-SOUGHT AFTER EXPERIENCE in the San Antonio Area to a select group of Seniors… The applications to be part of this one of a kind team are live and coming in daily!!! I’m so excited to meet each of these amazing young people with hearts of gold and a passion to match. Here is your chance to get to know the team and apply to become a part of this unique program.

Raya, Warren High School 
Class of 2020

Construction Careers Academy
Ace Mentorship
Food Bank Volunteer
Sea Scout 

“To me, beauty is a describing term given to those who stand out against the others in the world.”

Annika, Steele High School 
Class of 2020

Drum Major
Tumpet Player
Director for Journalism
National Honor Society
Key Club

“Beauty is both on the inside and out. I feel that everyone is beautiful on the outside but the most important part is what’s inside. To be beautiful on the inside you must display good character and be kindhearted. These characteristics show a greater sense of beauty than any display of physical beauty.”

Morgan, Clark High School 
Class of 2020

Silver Valor Varsity Unarmed Drill Team

“What beauty means to me is no matter a persons size, shape or color, beauty lies within the soul and heart. You can be so beautiful on the outside but what really matters is what’s on the inside. An amazing, positive, kind personality that is the utmost representation of yourself and who you believe you want to be in this world. We need more of those beautiful people that bring light to anyone who bumps into them. Someone that people will wish to be around more. That is an accurate meaning of beauty to me and my personal aspiration.”

Harlee, Floresville High School 
Class of 2020

Color Guard
Family, Career and Community Leaders of America
Culinary Arts

“In my eyes beauty is all around us and everyone has it. Some people may not show it but I promise everyone has beauty. Some of us have it in the inside and others show it on the outside, but some lucky people have both. Beauty is not always about looks, it’s about how you treat yourself and other people. If you treat yourself like nothing and always say you’re ugly, then you’ll have this aura that pushes off that negativity. I’m not skinny, I’m a little bit of a big girl, so I have experience of this but through Barbizon, my teacher showed me that I am beautiful no matter my size and that I can do most things if I stay positive. Beauty is all around we just have to find it and let it shine.”

The SpokesModel Team is still GROWING!

We still have openings for class of 2020 seniors, as well as, openings for each of the 2021-2023 classes.Do you know someone that has outgoing and FUN personality? Loves having their picture taken and making new frients? LOVES  Social Media? Share this email so, they can learn more and become a part of a program that is impacting lives!