Model Team FAQ

Kimberly, 2021

Do I need to have any modeling experience?

~No! All that is required is that you have a positive attitude, a bit smile, and have fun!

I don’t know how to pose. Will you show me?

~ No worries – posing is simple and I will direct you throughout your Model year!

Is the Model Team just for girls?

~ While mostly girls apply to my team, guys are more than welcome to apply too! We had a super shy guy in 2019 that really rocked it. He stood out awesomely even in the mix of all those girls!

Can I apply early for my Senior year?

~ABSOLUTELY! You can even begin modeling with us BEFORE your Senior year! You can start learning what it takes to be a Model for Mary O. and grow with the program. You get to work with the Seniors and learn from them! You also qualify for most of the same perks the Seniors do! Our Abby did just that! She started her sophomore year, developing leadership skills, confidence and racking up service hours. Abby was one of the first Models to receive a Gold Presidential Service Award.

Is there a fee for the Model Team?

~ Yes. Participation has a small enrollment fee of $550 which covers supplies and costs for the Model Team Sessions, a PRIVATE Luxe Senior Session with hair and makeup and video creation, Custom App of Model Team images, access to VIP Pricing, supplies for most of the EXCLUSIVE Model Events, and invitations to DESTINATION & EDITORIAL opportunities and more! My LUX SENIOR Sessions are $185 and professional hair & makeup is $200… so with each girl also participating in a minimum of 3 EXCLUSIVE Model Team sessions, this is a HUGE value! There are payment plans available, as well as, several package options and the opportunity to receive all your images FREE. Detailed information will be sent out to those that apply.

I hear you offer Scholarships and Awards…

~ Yes!!! We want to see our Models thrive! That is why we offer the team to younger students. The Model Team allows young people to grow with the program. Mary O. Photography offers unique opportunities you won’t find anywhere else. Above all, we are about building UNSHAKEABLE CONFIDENCE in young people and helping them succeed in all areas of life. We want to see our Mary O. Models thrive!

Becoming a model builds confidence, public speaking skills, and your resume! Beginning in 2018 we began offering nationally recognized Ronald Regan Student Leadership Awards and in 2019 we expanded to offer scholarship opportunities and internships. 2020 brought more opportunities to our Model Team as we begin advising for Congressional Awards and gave out our first 2 Gold Presidential Service Awards. In the midst of a pandemic year, our models gave over 3000 hours of combined community service.

Talia, 2018

While each year brings new exciting outcomes for Mary O. Model Team members, one of the highlights for our 2018 team was having one of our girls receive a coveted Terry Scholarship. This scholarship awarded our Model, Talia Snow, a full ride to the University of North Texas. Talia included being a Mary O. Model on her application. The selection committee even asked her about it in detail during her interview. Because of the time Talia spent practicing interview skills and public speaking, she handled the interview confidently. This one thing set her apart from the crowd of hundreds of other brilliant young people and giving her an edge. Because Mary O. Model Team goes beyond pictures to student development, The Mary O. Model Team is an integral part of a unique journey and a model program unlike any other!

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