Model Photo Shoot Training

Pageant Girls… Competing in Portfolio, Supermodel, or Top Model?

This is for YOU!!!

Whatever your pageant system calls it, the competition photoshoot lasts minutes! That shoot can either go really well offering you a wealth of material for the judges to score or go really poorly and every image is virtually the same.

Here is your chance to learn how to ensure yourself a strong photo shoot.

Brought to you by award-winning, professional photographer and pageant coach Mary O., these training sessions are designed to give a pageant contestant 2 things:

·     Develop competitive camera room modeling skills.

·      Build a diverse and competitive portfolio.

You may register for one or all of them for less than the cost of the average mini-session! AND… you get all the digitals PLUS, one image edited and printed ready for your competitive portfolio. 

This is training unlike you’ve ever experienced! Fast-paced like you would experience in real competition but with a creative twist to allow you to build a portfolio for the first time or refresh and add to an existing portfolio. Each session is designed to give you new challenges and help you think outside the box as you learn to add variety to your camera room modeling. She even busts out of the studio for an editorial, magazine-worthy experience.





15-minute session

ALL images from the session

1edited image for your portfolio

Discount on additional professional printing and editing



  • A specific concept that is designed to add something new to your portfolio.
  • Phone consult to prepare you for your session.
  • 2 rounds of competitive-style shooting.
  • Mid-session critique for improvement before the second round of shooting.
  • Post-session follow-up critique emailed with notes so you can continue to grow as a model.

Ready to get started???








September 17Commercial Product Sales

Choose your favorite prop. Lipstick, nail polish, hats, sunglasses, purses. Sell me your product with your modeling skills.


October 1Desert Diva!

Travel with me to Government Canyon! We will highlight your bohemian look within the open landscape.


October 29 Into the Woods

This romantic look is taken from the pages of storybooks.







November 19 – Avant-Garde

Dramatic lighting and over-the-top, creative, hair, makeup and jewelry, scarves, and more.


November 23 – Headshots Au Natural

No fancy hair, limited makeup, white or black t-shirt, and jeans. Images can be in black and white by request. The set will be black or white only!


December 11 – Color Me Beautiful!

High color is the name of the game! The set will be yellow, turquoise, or orchid, you choose! Dress to match or contrast.





Image: Fels, 2022 USA Ambassador Nationals Coach: Mary O. 



December 21 – Headshots Glamour

Full pageant makeup, hair, and wardrobe. The set will be grey so as to add dimension and depth to your photograph without calling attention away from you.


December 28 – Flow!

Today is a great day for fun fashion, flowy sleeves, or pieces of chiffon as we showcase your movement.

January 4 – National Competition Set

Test your competition look on our elegant white background just like was used at the 2022 USA Ambassador National Pageant. 


Hair, Makeup & Dressing – Models should arrange to do their hair and makeup before arriving. There is a space for touchups at studio sessions ONLY. There is NO space to set up to do it all at the studio. Be ready at your call time because there is limited cushion time between models. There is limited space for dressing as well. Bring only what you need for a single look. Be dressed and ready to shoot at exactly your appointment time.

Wardrobe & Props – After you are scheduled, the photographer will go over the concept in more detail and give guidance on what to bring in the way of wardrobe and props. SOME limited props and accessories may be provided but are not guaranteed. PLUS, bringing your own elements ensures your images won’t look like anyone else’s. Be sure to prep tips to toes as your hands and feet are likely to be in the photos.

Concept Changes – No changes to planned sets will be made. It takes time to prep sets and lighting and gear and it is set for the day. There is not enough time between clients to reconfigure and test. No changes will be made if you want to shoot something different than what is scheduled.

Alternate Dates – There are no alternate dates. This series is a limited opportunity and will not be repeated this year. Not at this price! Missing a prepaid session is not the fault of the photographer and will not be refunded. Check dates in advance. If you cannot make the specified session date and want a similar session, call the photographer to arrange a custom portrait session on her regular calendar.

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