Sandal Up!

Are you jumping on the platform sandals bandwagon but not sure quite how to wear them?

Platform sandals are so versatile, you can dress up or dress down an outfit with them. With these sandals, you can leave the battle of cute versus comfortable as a problem from the past.

Dressing up an outfit with platform sandals is easy. You can take a pair of ripped skinny jeans and a boyfriend fit v-neck short-sleeve shirt and pair them with a pair of platform sandals and your look will instantly become cuter!

A way to dress down an outfit can be a pair of platform sandals with a tie-back slim fit gingham dress.

If you don’t want to dress up or dress down and are looking for a cute and comfortable shoe choice, two piece outfits are always a killer look with platform sandals.

What new styles are you going to try next?