Session Information

The moments of your life… your wedding day, the birth of your child, graduation… From these unforgettable days forward, everything changes. You have a new reason for living, new goals and new ambitions. You have new reasons to love and celebrate. These moments are fleeting… with a portrait session at Mary O. Photography & Design, we will help you hold on to those moments, so those beautiful beginnings never end.

Each custom styled session comes with both a personal consultation and a design and ordering appointment. The personal consultation helps us decide on location or backdrops and the look and feel we want to achieve in your final artwork. Your design and ordering appointment is when you will receive expert assistance selecting and customizing artwork for your walls and album and select the digital negative package of your choice. A retainer of $185 reserves your session time and pays for our time, talent and supplies. A lux hair and makeup design can be added to your experience for $200.

While clients spend more or less depending on their needs, clients have the flexibility they love being able to create their own collections and build custom galleries, albums and gifts. Clients can also opt to purchase digital negatives along with their collection.

Sessions with the exception of Newborn sessions, may be scheduled In-Studio or On-Location and we book ample time for you to relax in front of the camera and capture the perfect images without feeling rushed. All Newborn sessions are scheduled In-Studio only for infant safety.  We have an outstanding safety record and expertly trained Red Cross Certified staff.


Cancellation Fee: Session retainers are non-refundable once paid. If you desire to cancel it is taken as a cancelation fee and covers lost business. Cancellation amount is non-negotiable. See contract for additional details on canceling, transferring your session or rescheduling.

Final Sale: All sales are final once full payment is made or payment agreement is signed. Selections go into production the same day and cannot be canceled.



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