Hack your summer wardrobe!

I don’t know about you but off the shoulder tops are a total summer must have for me! As cute as they are, they can sometimes be a little difficult to wear. If you’ve ever worn an off the shoulder shirt, then you know what I mean… it can be a hassle to keep it off your shoulders. Whenever you move your arms, it always slips up. Well, this hack will keep you on the go, and your top in place.

All you need is a hair band, and safety pins!

  1. Clip the safety pins through the hairband so they hang off.
  2. Then you just pin it on either side inside the shirt.

It makes a little strap that goes under your arm. It may take a few tries to get the location of the pins correct but it’s worth it in the end.

This is no mess and no hassle. Your shirt will stay put no matter what you are doing. You could be relaxing all day or on the run, but your shirt will no longer be an issue.

This is an effortless fix to a simple problem. It takes no longer than five minutes and no one will know!