Smile, Blush, and Make Up

Here are the key makeup items for your go-to bag for Summer…

Summer brings the best out of our skin (for most of us).  Fresh tans, glowing skin, and minimal makeup required, all great things right? Yet, we still try to find our summer makeup staples time and time again.
Must-haves have been right in front of us all along. Summer makeup must-haves are a moisturizer with SPF (they usually give a subtle glow), an earth tone highlight, chapstick with SPF, clear lip gloss, and a little eyebrow gel!
The harsh rays from the sun mean that we have to protect our skin as much as possible (but make it look cute, of course). This means trying to use skin products that have SPF, even if it’s only a little bit. The easiest ways to fit your sun protection on your face is with moisturizer and lip balm.
My the Summer makeup must-haves for 2019?