Summer Sipping

Summer is like a fresh glass of lemonade, you want to drink it fast, but you want it to last forever.

When you think about summer, do you think about cold, fruity drinks? Because if so, you’re in the right place. Its super fun to experiment with summer sippers and we have a tone of ideas for you!

Chill Energy Booster: If you love energy drinks, try making your own! You can buy red bulls and snow cone syrup flavors from any grocery store. Add in the energy drink, syrup, and ice to your blender and you have a homemade energy drink! The best thing about this drink is you can customize it to be any flavor you want! You can mix and match, or just keep it simple. The choice is yours!

Refreshing Bubbly: If caffeine isn’t your thing, maybe try substituting Fresca or 7-up. They also come in tons of different flavors and you can even get sugar free! These carbonated drinks are perfect for lounging around inside all day!

Cool Smoothie: If you are more of a juice type of person, then Tropicana Watermelon juice is perfect for you. This juice is light and tasty. It’s perfect for a morning pick me up. It’s the just the right combination of sweet and sour. You can also add fresh or frozen fruit and blend with a touch of yogurt for a creamy refreshing twist.

What is your favorite summer drink? I’m all about the raspberry lemonade with a nice book to read, laying outside and getting some sun!