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You only have 30 seconds to make an impact that wins you the crown. Mary O. understands that! With more than 40 years of winning showmanship and talents and more than 10 years of photography, styling, and production and you have a coach that understands what it takes to win and guides you each step of the way. Mary O. has coached winning pageant girls at all levels and has a unique mindset in her coaching style. It's not enough to just win the crown. You must also be able to use your pageant skills in real-world situations. It is this philosophy that brings pageant girls from across the state to work with her in person. Mary is also the beloved State Director of Texas USA Ambassador but don't let that fool you she has had winners and still coaches in over a dozen other systems. If she recommends a specific system, it's because it's the right system for you! Not because it's hers.


average investment

photography & design $99-$399

coaching begins at $50



*** What each client needs is very individualized. Mary O. tends to be conservative with your pageant budget.

Pageant Photography

& Design Services

Each pageant has a unique style for its winning headshots. Mary O. custom tailors her session setup and guidance to meet each pageant's style. She also goes out of her way to provide a fun energetic experience as you work together to create your unique winning headshot. All headshot sessions are shot and reviewed the same day so you go home knowing you have the perfect shot for your competition. After you leave Mary O. goes to work on the retouching process. Digital copies are delivered to your email typically within 48 hours. Your competition print, mounted and coated for its protection arrives in about a week! No more guessing on lab printing quality, Mary O.'s professional lab has been creating professional high-quality prints for more than 40 years and Mary O. has been partnered with them for more than 10 years!

Model Photo Shoot Training

Here is your chance to learn how to ensure yourself a strong shoot!!!

Top Model, Super Model, Cover Girl... Whatever your pageant system calls it, the competition photoshoot lasts minutes! you get no coaching, or direction in the camera room. You are on your own and working against the clock. That shoot can either go really well offering you a wealth of material for the judges to score or it can go really poorly and every image is virtually the same. Girls that should have a strong and competitive chance in the camera room don't because no coach teaches them the "take-home the crown" strategies to have a competitive edge in this very special part of pageant competition.


Award-winning, Professional Photographer and Pageant Coach, Mary O., makes it easy to improve within minutes and grow your skills exponentially over time. Learn is all in her Model Photo Shoot Training Sessions!


These training sessions give you the opportunity to practice your modeling skills while building your portfolio. This is training unlike you've ever experienced! Fast-paced like you would experience in real competition but with a creative twist to allow you to build a portfolio for the first time or refresh and add to an existing portfolio. Each session is designed to give you new challenges and help you think outside the box as you learn to add variety to your camera room modeling. She even busts out of the studio for an editorial, magazine-worthy experience.

What you get:

15-minute session
ALL images from the session
1edited image for your portfolio
Discount on additional professional printing and editing


Each session will have:

  • A specific concept that is designed to add something new to your portfolio.
  • Phone consult to prepare you for your session.
  • 2 rounds of competitive-style shooting.
  • Mid-session critique for improvement before the second round of shooting.
  • Post-session follow-up critique emailed with notes so you can continue to grow as a model.




Pageant Coaching

& Consulting

Because it is important to us that we devote the utmost attention to all our clients competing, we have limited spots available to work with clients one-on-one online or in-person. Your request to engage in one-on-one coaching is subject to our availability and the ability to provide you with expert guidance and instruction in time for your competition.


Services Include:

  • Speech Writing or Resume/Bio Preparation Services/Paperwork Guidance
  • Wardrobe Consultation/Personal Shopping
  • Formal Wear Practice/Casual Wear Practice
  • Photogenic guidance: helping you choose the right photographer, photo, and editing resources
  • ON-SITE or Remote Coaching (Travel fees may apply)



• Have a passion for success and be receptive to the possibility of achieving your dreams.

• Be ready to commit the time and energy to make your dreams come true.

• Be excited about becoming a Mary O. Pageant Consulting client and part of our legacy.

• Be able to invest in this level of advanced coaching.

• Our minimum age for all private coaching sessions is 13-year-old. Contestants under 13-years-old require a parent partner.


For more information on pageant services, click below for a Price List or email info@maryophotography.com

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